Welcome to AppSoftia

This is a company focused on delivering the following type of products and consultancy services:

  • Developing and maintaining own mobile applications, (see below)
  • Develop mobile applications for your need, both for iOS and Android

We have developed several successful applications both for Android and iOS. Our core applications are our calendar apps equipped with built-in holidays, names days, flag days, moon phases etc.  All our calendar applications is synchronized with your calendar account at Google, iCloud, hotmail, ActiveSync, Exchange and all other accounts supported by your device.

We have also developed other kind of advanced apps, e.g. Multi Timer Pro for Android (MTP), which is a very advanced multi-timer. MTP is capable of displaying user-defined video/audio presentations in a sequence as well as simpler timer tasks, e.g. a workout pass.

Another example is our timesheet application for iOS called GpsSheet. This application is making your timesheet automatically while your device is in your pocket! This is by having your GPS automatically measure the time you spend in you spend in your workplaces.

Android Applications

 Svensk kalender - Svenskspråkig med svenska namnsdagar / helgdagar / flaggdagar / veckonummer

 Dansk kalenderHelligdage / ugenummer / flagdage / widget / navnedage

 Deutscher Kalender - Ferien / Namenstage / Wochennummer

 Suomalainen Kalenteri - Pyhäpäiviä / Nimipäiviä / Viikkonumerot / Liputuspäivät sekä tapahtumat

Various Android application screenshots, mixed languages




iOS applications - Examplified

 Month international Calendar - iPhone and iPad
  • Supports colors/fonts per calendar account
  • Sundays are marked with red color
  • Reserved field for holidays, flag image and names days which can be mapped to calendar accounts
  • Week number - ISO 8601 or US standard

Finnish version large view

Finnish version medium landscape view

 Dansk Kalender
  • Danish holidays, birthdays, name of the day etc. Colorized accounts.

 Swedish localized Month calendar
  • Holidays, birthdays, name of the day etc. Colorized accounts. Very popular product.
 All calendar apps have search functions