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Android Calendar, Major update 10.1.0 released

posted Sep 19, 2016, 2:53 PM by AppSoftia   [ updated Sep 19, 2016, 5:24 PM ]


This is a major big update of our calendar app. We are very proud to present many new features of this high-quality release. 

Note that the localized app name where this release information are the following:

Calendar Pro, UK Calendar, Norsk Kalender, Dansk kalender, Deutscher Kalender, Suomalainen Kalenteri and Calendrier français

This version requires Android version 4.0.3 or higher. Devices running Android prior to version 4.0.3 are very few. However these units are limited to run our previous app releases prior to this version (10.1.0). The descriptions below only apply to version 10.1.0 or later.

Color Themes! (Android >= 5.0)

Now we have a lot of color themes for our app. Three basic themes are always included for free. In addition you can buy 78 (!) additional themes to a low cost. The purchase includes all the 78 additional themes in one single purchase.

Our themes are complete themes applying colors to all parts of our app, also when it is using external standard functions from the Android system. One example of such an external Android-function is the view used to choose a date.

New Super-Widget

We have made a completely new widget called Super-Widget. Super-Widget itself is almost a complete calendar application. You can try Super-Widget for free in 48 hours. Thereafter you can buy it for a small amount of money.

Super-Widget is similar to the standard month-view within our full application. Events are distributed over days and weeks in a scrollable list.  Moon phases, holidays, name-days and flag-days are included in this day list together with the events. Holidays are written with a red color.

When you click on a day in the widget’s day list, the day-view of the full app is opened for the selected day.

Super-widget is designed to show the upcoming events. It can be configured to show the upcoming events from either one week ahead or from one month ahead.

Of course you can change the size of Super-Widget within reasonable limits, to suite your screen size. There are also a lot of other settings to adjust Super-Widget’s look-and-feel after your own preferences.

Improved small widget and XL widget

Now you can adjust the height for all our widgets, as well as increasing or decreasing their widths. The width/height adjustable limits are dependent on the size of the screen and fonts on your device. Not all screens allow you to reduce the small widget height or to extend the widget’s widths.

To support small widths we have extended the settings for the small widget and the XL widget to make it possible to hide the year, month and end-time info in the event days. Since the widgets is limited to show events up to one month ahead, it is not necessary to show year and month information in the dates. By hiding these parts, you are able to see the event titles also when using smaller widget widths.

Improved color-chooser

The color-chooser now has a new background (chess) for the transparent slider and a new slider that can be used to change the color intensity.

Compliant with modern Android versions

Our app now is adapted and tested all the way up to Android 7.  This means that more powerful user interfaces is used to choose date and time , on modern Android versions.

Modernized user interface (Android > 5.0)

Our standard user interface now is adapted to later modern Android versions. The changes are not drastically, but still the new themes are more in line with modern Android design. To comply with modern Android, the app-menu has been moved to the top-list. If you want to use the old look-and-feel of our app, you can still use the “old theme”.

Support for multi-window in Android 7

We are proud to be one of the few apps compliant with the new cool multi-window feature within Android 7.  It is very useful to be able to read emails as well as creating events in our calendar app, using the multi-window feature. 

Scroll all the years to 2036

Now you can scroll all the way up to the year 2036. We also have extended the embedded information for moon phases (up to 2030) as well as equinoxes (up to 2030).

New icon

The app icon is changed to reflect the new scrollable year span, i.e. up to 2036.

Other improvements

Now the event text fields are trimmed to remove leading/ending space characters when an event is saved.

The app now is making a qualified guess of which calendar and account should be default during app installation: the first non-references writeable calendar within the account is used as default, when no standard calendar have been chosen previously. Still, the user must consider that no calendar-app is capable of knowing the users own preferences! The user still is highly advices to make an active choice and set the standard calendar in our app settings.

Finally we also have included a few language corrections and improvements.

Error corrections

We have included a number of minor error corrections in this release.