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Android calendar products release 3.0 (Calendar Pro, UK Calendar, Norwegian Calendar)

posted Jan 18, 2012, 11:20 AM by AppSoftia   [ updated Oct 24, 2014, 8:27 AM ]

Main news in this release

  • A new inspection view with hyperlinks is introduced. You enter this view when clicking on an event within the day view.
  • When you long-press on a specific row in the month- or day view, you will reach shortcuts to add/delete/edit an event.
  • Now, it is possible to read a much larger part of the event’s description (i.e. note) in the day view.
  • Many of the new functionality can be disabled in the settings, to achieve the behavior from the previous release.

Detailed description

Inspection view:

The new inspection shows an event very clear way with active hyperlinks when appropriate. You reach the view when clicking on a row in the day view. From the inspection view you can then select either to edit the event or to return to the day view.

Within the settings, you can change the settings to bypass the inspection view and go directly to event editing if that behavior is desired.

Context menu in day view:

By long-pressing on an event in the day view you enter the context menu. Within this menu you can choose to edit/delete the event or to add a new event. 

It is possible to disable this context-menu in the settings.

Context menu in the month view:

By performing long-press on a row for a day in the month view, you can add a new event for the day of the row. This context-menu is also possible to disable in the settings.

Date/time format changes:

Date/time format now follows the settings within date/time of the device instead of following the settings for the language/region.

Other minor changes/improvements:

  1. The first character of the sentences within the edit event text fields now is capitalized.
  2. The month view (showing events) now expands the rows when needed, to make room for more information for holidays etc.
  3. The head of the day view also expands on demand to make more room for holiday info etc.
  4. The red color has been changed to be slightly less intensive.
  5. A change to avoid showing an all-day event created on exchange servers on one more day than the end date has been included. The cause of this fault is the exchange server which sometimes adds some milliseconds to the end-date at midnight when the all-day event ends.