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Android Calendar V2, Giant update version 12

posted Sep 15, 2018, 5:40 PM by AppSoftia   [ updated Sep 29, 2018, 6:42 AM ]

This is a tremendous upgrade where we probably have doubled the amount of functionality and features, compared to previous releases. We hope you will be very satisfied with all the news. 

The vast majority of the functionality in our app is included in the base version of the app. Note that you can perform all basic calendar-based tasks using this base version, e.g. use two good calendar widgets. It also contains an unique amount of built-in information that is missing in many other calendar apps with a higher price.

Some extra luxury add-on features can be  bought for low costs as in-app purchases. All such features can be inspected before the purchase and in most cases fully evaluated for 48 hours without any cost or obligation what so ever. There are many options to buy add-ons. You can buy all features as “all-in-one” to a favorably  price; either as a yearly subscription or without any time limit. As an alternative to “all-in-one”, you can buy single features one by one.

New In-app purchase features (Android >= 5.0)

  • Graphical views with 24h horizontal timeline
  • Drag & Drop events in the timeline or in the all-day area.
  • Paste/add new events in the timeline
  • Snooze event notifications
  • Invite multiple attendees from contacts
  • New 1x1 widget

New free features (req. Android >= 5.0)

  • Seamless scroll 2011-2036
  • Answer invitations
  • Single-click on events normal month views to inspect
  • Fast-scroll
  • App notifications
  • Copy/cut/delete the event directly when inspecting
  • Email reminders
  • Unlimited number of events per day in month views
  • View attendee response status, organizer request and attendee’s contact photo
  • Inspect & Edit event visibility as busy/available/tentative as well as events integrity as private/public etc.
  • The calendars in the Calendar selection view is sorted
  • The calendar selection and the settings views now remember the last scroll position when entered again
  • HTML-formatted events is shown with formatting
  • Notifications-settings for the app now can be opened and modified direct from the app menu. No more searching in the Android's settings app.
  • The Android settings for the app (e.g. permission settings) now can be opened and modified direct from the app menu. No more searching in the Android's settings app.
  • Android account and sync settings now can be opened and modified direct from the app menu. No more searching in the Android's settings app.
  • For devices using  Android’s high-contrast mode , the event’s background is colorized instead of the event, since the event text itself cannot have colors in this mode
  • Improved Help reachable from the Menu
  • More than 14 instruction movies

Other changes

We now ask for permission to access your contacts in order  to show photos of attendees and to invite using your contacts. We do not share this information anywhere, as stated in our official privacy policy. In Android >=6 you can choose to deny our app this permission, but Android 5 unfortunately does not support such denial. 

Due to all the new touch controlling in our app (fast-scroll, long-press, drag & drop etc.), we do no longer support double-clicking to toggle between overview mode and other views.  Use the new bottom-menu instead, to change view.

Since the new version is heavily designed around the “show-event” view, we do no longer support the setting to open the edit-view directly, without passing the show view.

Due to the new vertical full-scroll design we do no longer support jumping one month/day by swiping left/right. Instead, simply scroll over month/day limits, or use the buttons to change month/day.

We hope you fully understand the reasons why this functionality had to be changed to facilitate the new better design.