Photo Calendar (iOS)


Do you store your photos and movies in your iPhone or iPad? Do you want to rapidly find the device's photos/movies for a specific life event? Then, this is the app for you, which couples your calendar events with your photos/movies and shows this in combined calendar views.

Photo Calendar is your efficient work tool providing a good overview for your photos, movie clips and calendar events. In addition, it simultaneously shows embedded information such as week numbers and moon phases. For some countries, embedded holidays also are shown (currently only Sweden). You can browse all this information from 1990 to 2037. The calendar also is fully iOS integrated; it used your iOS calendar accounts to keep your events synchronized with iCloud, Google, Exchange etc.

In the photo view, you get an overview of all your photos/movies, month by month. By clicking on a specific item, you enter the media browser. In this browser you can show your photos or movies in full-screen. You are also able to rotate and zoom, as well as show your media on an external AirPlay display, for instance on your Apple TV. Double-clicking will adjust the media to fill your screen. This full-screen function will adjust individually both to your device and the external display, to make the fill optimized on each screen, even when they have different h/w ratio. You can switch media in browsing view by using swipe finger movements. Of course you can play/pause movie playback as well as change the playback position.

This modern application is designed to run on iOS 8.1 or later, using iOS photo functions that are not available in other iOS versions. Therefore it is not available for devices running iOS versions prior to 8.1. 

Photo Calendar can be used with accounts synchronizing with iCloud, Google, MobileMe, Outlook, iCal etc. 

If you want more information, please also have a look in our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


- Browse photos and movies from almost any view.

- Photos can be rotated, zoomed, fullscreen fitted, and showed both on your device and on Apple TV simultaneously.

- Movies can be played, paused and positioned on either your device or on Apple TV.

- Live update of photo/movie information when your device content changes (e.g. somebody is sharing his media to you using iCloud).

- Events are created/changed/deleted within the same calendar accounts in iOS as the standard calendar app is using. For instance accounts for iCloud, Google, MobileMe, CalDav, Outlook and iCal can be used.

- Events can be colorized and styled per calendar account.

- Holiday information (only Sweden is supported so far) is shown as "red days" in an own reserved field. Therefore they do not look like events.

- Moon Phases are included for the years 2011-2022.

- Select which calendar accounts you want to use

- Embedded week numbers.

- Week numbers and time format is shown according to your device localization settings.

- Birthdays from your contacts can be viewed as text events.

- Reminders are managed exactly the same way as in your standard calendar app. If you add a reminder, the device will alert you when the reminder time occurs .

- The app is designed for iOS 8.1 or later and requires iOS 8.1 or later.

- The powerful jump function lets you quickly move anywhere based on you preferred year/month/day/week-number selection.

- Moving to a specific week by its week number is done in a few seconds.

- You can search for most of the information within the app, e.g. event titles and notes.

- Most app settings are performed in the global settings by opening the device's main settings and looking up this application.

- You can control much of the look&behavior of our app  (e.g. photo viewing and holiday selection) in our app settings.

- The badge of the app icon can be controlled to show the day within the month or to show the week number in our settings.

- Support for both portrait and landscape usage.

- The embedded information is never mixed with your own events, but shown in own discrete reserved fields.