Photo Calendar - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the photos and movies stored?

Our application is used to view the photos and movies that your device already is capable of showing by using the Photo app from Apple, within your device. It is iOS that is storing and managing all your photos and movies, not our application. For instance, if you want to edit a photo, you have to use Apples photo app (or another photo editing app) for that. Our application currently cannot be used for changing your photos/movies, the only modification it can perform is to delete a photo/movie when you are pressing the trashcan from the photo view. Otherwise our app is never ever deleting or changing your photos or movies.The benefit using our application is to  browse/show your photos and movies within a calendar context simultaneously with your own personal events, it is not intended to be used for editing photos.

Therefore all your photos and movies are left untouched by our application except when you are deleting media by yourself. If you remove our app, exactly the same photos/movies are still left on your device and you can manage these by using Apples own photo application.

How do I show my photos and movies on my Apple TV?

Open the control center on your device by dragging with your finger from the bottom of your screen. Press the AirPlay button to the right in the control center. If you are connected to the same network as your Apple TV, you can your device here. Select the device and activate screen mirroring for the device. 

After activation your photos and movies will be displayed by our application on your Apple TV, when you are using the photo/movie browser view in our app. The external display will automatically optimize the image dimensions for this screen as well as for your iPhone/iPad screen. When you are outside this view in our app, our app icon will be displayed on the Apple TV to show you that it is connected to our app by AirPlay.

Events older than one month is gone. What has happened?

Our app cannot remove any events, unless you do it by yourself from within our app, event by event. Probably your event is not gone, they just are not visible and synchronized to your device due to your device settings. If you are using a calendar account storing your events on a server (e.g. iCloud) your events still are existing in their main place, i.e. on the server. For instance inspect to examine what is on your iCloud account's main storage (server).

To have you device show all your historical events you just have to change the device settings:

1. Open the device settings application by pressing Apple's settings icon (looks like a grey cogwheel).

2. Move to the section called "Mail, Contacts and Calendars".

3. Scroll down to the "Calendar" subsection. There you will find a setting called "Sync". Change the value to "All Events"

The method above works for both iCloud and Google accounts, as far as we know. However be aware that it is Apple/Google/Microsoft etc. to control how far back account data is synchronized. This is nothing our company or our application can control. If the controlling companies change this behavior in the future (e.g. for performance reasons) there is nothing we can do about this. It is important to recall that all calendar-products mainly are aimed to show the future, they are not diaries with a purpose to save historical data.

How do I make your application synchronize my events between my iPhone and my iPad?

Short answer

Use the same synchronizing account on both your devices.


To answer this question, we first have to explain calendar basic usage on iOS devices and how synchronizing accounts are setup.

Our application is not is synchronizing your devices, and your devices never synchronizes themselves directly with each-over. However the iOS operating system from Apple is synchronizing and managing all your events, also the events used by our application. iOS is managing these event within the accounts you are using within the device. Many of these accounts are storing your events on an external server. Therefore you can reach your events from any device anywhere by registering an account on your device. After this, you can use many apps to work with your events ((e.g. our app our Apple's own calendar app) ), since they are stored/fetched on the external server.

The most common account type is your iCloud account, storing your events on Apples iCloud server system ( but there are also other account types that can be created, e.g. creating a Google account having the server system at Google (

You create and manage your account settings in your device from within the Apple's main settings on your device, both when using our application as well as when using Apple's own calendar application. Often you have a good default iCloud account setup already from the beginning.

After setting up your account(s) using Apple's main settings, you have to select with "calendars" within the account you want to use from within our application. For instance you can use a "calendar" called "Home" and another calendar called "Work" within your iCloud account. You can enable one or several accounts from within our app, by opening the menu, select "Calendars" and thereafter press every account-calendar's row individually, to turn on/off that specific "calendar". Use the on/off switch within each "calendar" settings to enable/disable the calendar.

Finally Recall that one of these "calendars" is you default "calendar" for new events. Which one you prefer as default is setup from within Apples main settings for mails, contacts and calendars, in the calendar setting section.

Full answer

After explaining this, we are ready to answer to your question: To be able to work with the same synchronized information on both an iPhone and an iPad, you have to use the same account with the same "calendar" within this account on both your devices.