Privacy Policy and Security Statements

In Swedish, read here: Din integritet och säkerhet

Our applications do not send any information without your permission!

Our applications do not establish any kind of temporary or permanent Internet connections by themselves.

Our calendar application of course stores data on remote calendar accounts. However, they do this indirectly by using the built-in standard calendar functionality supplied by the device supplier. Therefore, our calendar applications do not send any kind of data out from the device by themselves. Also note that our calendar applications never send or read any emails from the application itself, although the email permission is listed in the Google play required permissions, since calendar permission(s) is bundled with Email permission. However, the Android operating system itself might send emails when managing its calendar accounts, e.g. to send/receive calendar invites.

In addition, our GpsSheet application is capable of sending the time-report the application has collected to an email receiver that is specified by the user. 

The application called MTP also is capable of sending timer-definitions by email to a receiver specified by the user.

Therefore, our applications do not themselves send any kind of information out from your device without your permission.

Our applications do not collect information that is not relevant for the application task itself

Our applications of course collect information that is relevant, in order to present the information for you. Apart from collect such relevant data, which obviously must be collected, no other information is collected from you.

Here are some examples of relevant information collection:

1. Our calendar applications must collect information from the calendar accounts, in order to present the information for you as a calendar.

2. The GpsSheet application must collect information about your location and how you spend your time in different locations, in order to be able to make a time-sheet from your data.

3. The calculator application saves a history of your previous expressions, since it has a history function.

Our applications do not advertise

We do not like advertising, since it is making it harder to focus on the application itself. Therefore none of our applications contains advertisement.

Our software does not contain virus or malware 

We have written all the source code by ourselves, with the exception for a very limited amount of open source software (OSS) within the MTP product. 

We only use the source code from the OSS in our products; we do not use any non-source OSS parts (e.g. binary libraries). Of course we have inspected the OSS source code we are using. 

Since we know all the source code, we know that our software is free from virus and malware.

Our software does not send or share your health information anywhere

For those of our apps, which are displaying Health information; they only read this information from the operating system supporting functions (e.g. from iOS Apple Health). Our apps just presents the health data available through the operating system supporting functions (e.g. present Apple Health Data), they never sends such information outside the app itself.

In other words, our apps never send or share health data with anyone, they just displays the data read from the operating system to you.

We do not use your personal information in any way

If you are buying a subscription for our functions, we have found that iOS automatically asks if you want to share personal information (name, address etc.) with us. At least that was happening when we were when testing the subscription feature in Apple's test environment called "sandbox". We do not need/use this kind of information. We do not store it and we do not send it anywhere. Therefore you may answer "no" when iOS asks you about this.