GpsSheet (iOS)

Do you want a stable easy-to-use, easy-to-understand application that helps you record the time you spend at your workplace(s) just by having your iPhone in you pocket while working? Do you want to be able to run this kind of application for a whole working day without charging your iPhone? 
Then this is the application for you. You can get it from Apple's App Store in iTunes.

Here is a the "crash course" in 6 steps:
 1. Define your workplace

 2. Turn on the automatic     checkin/checkout

3. Move physically to the region in order to checkin automatically

 4. Inspect your records in the history

 5. Check your timesheet report

 6. Ensure Wifi is turned on for your device. Thereafter trim down power consumption with device settings. Try to use 5-15 minutes between checks, if you are moving a lot. If accuracy seems bad, use desired accuracy of 10 m, otherwise use 100 m.

If you are really interested read the following full User's Guide document GpsSheet_UsersGuide.pdf. If you just want an overview please read the following overview. 

The keywords for this application are 
• Unique low power consumption by combining four different methods (trim with settings) 
• Stability (no crash after months of testing) 
• Simplicity 
• Correctness 
• Easy to use 
• Easy to understand 
• User friendly 

There are five tabs in GpsSheet: 
1. Control – Turns on/off automatic GPS-supported region checkin/checkout, shows checkin/checkout state, performs manual checkin/checkout 
2. Places – Define/Edit regions as circles on a map 
3. Activities – Ties together several regions into one activity/work-task. Useful if working in several regions 
4. History – Shows checkin periods as records. Records can be edited/deleted or manually added
5. Report – On-the-fly report shows your time report with day/week summaries week by week. Time in region, activity sum and week sum are reported day by day. On demand email the report in html/excel format 

Great features: 
✓ User-defined multiple regions (i.e. locations/places) defining workplaces using map 
✓ User location can be dragged and redefined using map
✓ Automatic GPS-assisted checkin/checkout into regions. Works also when application is in background!
✓ Automatic address lookup as suggestion for location name (only on IOS 5 and later) 
✓ Optional manual region checkin/checkout into user selected region 
✓ Report includes overtime/flextime per day and per week 
✓ Email html-formatted report for selected weeks 
✓ Email file to be opened by Excel (tab-separated csv file) 
✓ Report can be decimal (comma or period) or hour:minute 
✓ Support for EU week number standard (ISO 8601) or US week number standard 
✓ Support week start at Sunday or Monday 
✓ User defined length of working day individually for all weekdays 
✓ User defined lunch withdrawal from activity sum 
✓ Vibration and audio notation for checkin/checkout 
✓ Detection method and accuracy is visible. Useful when trimming settings for optimal low-power consumption 
✓ Regions can be individually disabled/enabled 
✓ Per-region add/withdraw entrance/exit time 
✓ Per-region detection accuracy 
✓ Automatic log records for enter/exit of regions 
✓ Regions/Activities/Records can be deleted/added/corrected 
✓ Changes are reflected immediately. E.g. when moving a region on the map, a checkin/checkout takes place when appropriate and log records are created 
✓ Tab bar icon shows checkin/checkout state as a badge, application icon shows checkin state as an “1” badge 

We have tried our very best to avoid over-design but still offer a flexible configurable application. Consequently, understanding the application settings is crucial for configuring GpsSheet (look in the global settings that you reach through Apple’s application with the grey cogwheel icon). GpsSheet is not over-designed with tricky business-specific concepts like projects, identity numbers, sub-activity etc.

Limitation: The only calendar system supported and used by this application is the Gregorian calendar. 

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We have done our very best to avoid that by combining four different techniques. To lower the power consumption you must however change the default settings and try out the best settings for your need.