Life Calendar - How to read our documentation

Find the documentation

We have collected the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our F.A.Q. Here 90% of the customer questions are answered. 

You find our F.A.Q. directly from our app, by opening the app's menu and select the support menu choice. The F.A.Q. can also be found throw the links for our products in App Store and iTunes. Below we describe the best way to read and search our documentation. 

Here is the direct link to our F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions.

How to read the F.A.Q.

At the top of our documentation you will find a table of content with clickable links. If you click here, you will be redirected directly to the answer for the specific question. 

When you are reading our documentation using a mobile device, tablet, laptop or computer, there is always a function within the web browser to search for informationwithin the web page. Use this possibility, and you will rapidly find what you are searching for.

Our documentation is preferably read using a large screen, to get a good overview and a good context. Computers screens, laptops and tablets are great to read our documentation. However many people think a small mobile screen is too small to efficiently read comprehensive documentation.