Calendar Pro - Test Version, free of charge (Android)

This is the test version of Calendar Pro which can be used without any cost. The test version has a limitation: One cannot work with events after the current day. The purpose with this version is to offer our customers the possibility to evaluate and test the product on his own device, before considering buying the full version without the limitation.

For a description of Calendar Pro, please read the following: Calendar Pro (Android).

The Calendar (both full version and this test version) is tested and designed for phones running Android from version 2.1 up to the latest version of Android 7, using several different brands of devices. Furthermore, it is tested with Google calendar accounts, but not with other remote calendar account types. However, since the application uses the same functions to access accounts as the standard calendar, also other types are expected to perform well.  We cannot state any promises that this application will work on every type of device (the variants are huge), therefore this limited test version is free.

The English international name of this app is "Calendar Pro - Test Version". Localized names of this test product in other languages are "Svensk Kalender-testversion", "Norsk Kalender–test versjon", "Suomalainen Kalenteri-Testiv", "Dansk Kalender-testversion" and "Deutscher Kalender-Testversion".