Calendar Pro (Android) a.k.a. UK Calendar

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Study the superb localized screen-shots, demonstration movie and app description at Google Play: App description at Google Play.

This is a full-featured Gregorian calendar for Android mobiles and tablets, already ready for 2019 and the successive years.  With this product you can manage the same events as with the standard Android calendar, but in addition you will get a great overview over the current month. Of course it is free from advertisements.


Unique awesome super-features

✓ Vertical seamless scroll through all months and years (req. Android >= 5.0)

✓ Graphical views with 24h horizontal timeline (in-app purchase Android >= 5.0)

✓ Answer and inspect invitations (Android >= 5.0)

✓ Drag & drop to move/copy/paste/change events anywhere (in-app purchase Android >= 5.0)

✓ Single-click on events normal month views to inspect (Android >= 5.0)

✓ Fast-scroll 2011-2036 without lifting your finger (Android >= 5.0)

Calendar Pro supports built-in holidays for UK-England/Wales, UK-Scotland, UK-Northern Ireland, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Netherlands and Finland. Flag days and name-days are also included for many of these countries (see below). Note that the week's first day and number adapt to the device region.

More features

✓ App notifications fully supported (Android >= 5.0)

✓ Invite attendees, optionally selected from your contacts (in-app purchase Android >= 5.0)

✓ Copy/cut/delete the event directly when inspecting (Android >= 5.0)

✓ Snooze event notifications (in-app purchase Android >= 5.0)

✓ Email reminders (Android >= 5.0)

✓ Unlimited number of events per day in month views (Android >= 5.0)

✓ View attendee response status, organizer request and attendee’s contact photo (Android >= 5.0) 

✓ Inspect & Edit event visibility as busy/available/tentative as well as events integrity as private/public etc. (Android >= 5.0)

✓ 1x1 widget showing you the current date ((in-app purchase Android >= 5.0)

✓ Events can be created/edited/deleted on the same accounts as the standard Android calendar, e.g. a Google calendar account

✓ Event colors (requires Google accounts)

✓ Two reminders per event

✓ A lot of repetition alternatives, e.g. repeat weekly on specific weekdays

✓ Symbols showing repetition/alarm

✓ Copy/Paste events

✓ Three event text sizes

✓ Holidays for United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, France, Norway, Netherlands and Finland (both Finnish and Finnish-Swedish)  

✓ Flag-days for United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

✓ Names-days for Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France and Finland (both Finnish and Finnish-Swedish)

✓ Moon phases 2011-2030

✓ Sunrise and sunset approx. times (in-app purchase for data on all days)

✓ Zodiac signs approx. dates (in-app purchase for signs on all days)

✓ Summertime/wintertime day notes

✓ Extensive user settings

✓ Lots of color themes: three standard themes and 78 extra themes that can be bought as in-app purchases (Android 5.0 or later is required)

✓ Three widgets: 
    - Super-Widget which shows many events, holidays, name-days, moon phases etc. day by day in a delicious layout. This is an in-app purchase
    - The small widget showing three next upcoming events
    - The big widget showing more than three events. Holidays, names-days etc. are shown, but only for the current day only 

✓ The home icon button takes you directly to today’s date

✓ Calendar event colors user-tuned per calendar account

✓ You can select which calendar accounts you want to show/sync/colorize

✓ Week numbers are built-in. Support both for EU and US week number systems

✓ Menu functions to jump to selected date or week number.

✓ Powerful search function

✓ Reminder supported with alerts using the standard calendar function

In English mode the product will have an international icon, except for UK regions where the icon will be the UK icon.

UK Support

When executed with UK regional settings the calendar is named UK Calendar to reflect the default built-in UK holidays and flag days. The application icon also converts into an UK icon for devices set to the UK region.

Known drawbacks and limitations

1. Android has some built-in rare faults where the Android accounts becomes "out of sync". Often it helps to just wait a few hours and the syncing is starting again. If the device calendar data is becoming “out of sync”, this can be corrected with the menu function for re-sync.

2. On very small displays (e.g. QVGA-240x320, as on Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro) the text font is readable but a bit fuzzy. The text size is primary intended for medium/large displays.

3. It seems like there is a restriction when using account types of type "Active Sync" that prevents searching successfully for words contains national characters (e.g. å/ä/ö). The result is that our application does not return any search hits for such words. The error is probably caused by Googles active sync functionality, since performing the same search on standard Google calendar accounts works well.

4. Syncing with Google accounts older than ~6-12 months does not work. This seems to be a limitation (for performance reasons) in the built-in Android functions used for syncing with Google calendar. This is unfortunately out of our control: it is a design decision made by Google. Previously it was possible to use ActiveSync with Google calendar ( but Google have removed that possibility for standard Google personal accounts. Note that repeating events (e.g. birthdays from the contact book) seem to be synchronized also for very old events.

5. We do not support manual synchronization using a "sync button". Instead we recommend automatic synchronization being activated on your device, which is the basic idea of an Android device: The calendar account should be synchronized in the background to have the data constantly up-to-date. If you want to synchronize manually, instead turn on/off automatic synchronization, or press the sync/update button using your standard calendar. That will update data also within our application. A third way is to use a "local calendar account" (often called "My calendar" or "PC sync"). Such account is not syncing at all, just storing your events locally, until you use a third-party program (e.g. Kies from Samsung) to sync your device with a PC using USB/Bluetooth.